CaliforniumIQ: Integration Testing Made Easy

Execute GUI, REST API, performance, database and CLI tests, watch log events, read and analyze email notifications, automatically capture video of the systems under test and more. Run tests on VM or real devices and easily integrate your tests into CI.

Test various systems in your environment using one common ecosystem and one simple attitude for all types of tests. You don't need multiple testing tools to cover all your tests anymore.

Have fun coding your integration tests.

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What is CaliforniumIQ?

CaliforniumIQ is a one-stop dependency you need to add to your IntelliJ or Eclipse. You code simple and yet professional tests.


Test web solutions, apps, micro services, databases, logs, CLI. Integrate your tests into CI.


Run tests on MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.


Small team (1-2 devs)? Use CaliforniumIQ for free.
Bigger team or Enterprise? Contact us to get a quote, which includes support and special features.


For some features we engage external open source dependencies, others we've implemented from scratch and integrated into the CaliforniumIQ ecosystem. All of them are designed to simplify writing and maintaining of your integration tests.


Click buttons, type into text fields, select radio buttons, tick check boxes, run embedded videos, drag and drop elements and more. That on various browsers, operating systems and with different settings.


Automate tests over Android and iOS apps on real devices and on emulators. Execute any action, analyze and debug your app and reach highest quality.


Execute actions over command line interface (CLI) both locally or remotely through SSH, collect response and automatically recognize predefined events.


Query a database (MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and others), watch changes, recognize events, make sure the data is stored and poped correctly.

Log analysis

Automatically analyze textual logs, recognize events based on predefined regular expressions, make sure your CaliforniumIQ "realizes" what is going on in your logs.


Testing micro services or an REST API server? Automate GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE, PUT requests, easily serialize JSON, parse and analyze payload.


Run your Web GUI and app tests on different operating systems, browsers, configurations. Collect and analyze results, integrate these tests with other integration tests in the system.


Rule remote systems by SSH, inject commands, run executables remotely on your systems, get response, validate correct execution, chain all spread systems into a testing cluster.


Run tests in multiple threads against HTTP/S servers or simple load a java class. Measure a throughpout, latency and other performance parameters. Get to know how good does your system behave under stress.


Use various utilities, which help you with ongoing testing tasks. Eg., get a list of reasonable strings for automatic testing of text fields or define your automation to send you an SMS to your phone in case there's a crash in the production, measure times it takes to execute some action and more.

Native HTTP/S client

Send native HTTP/S requests without any browser, get and analyze response.

TCP/IP packet generator

Generate TCP/IP traffic, automatically sniff the network, get relevant metrics.

Video capturing

Capture videos of your desktop to simplify further problem analysis and reproducing bugs.

Email validation

There is an automatically generated email sent to your testing agent during the test and you want to analyze it or click a confirmation link sent with it? You need as little as a few lines of Java code to fulfill this task.

Virtual Reality

Be among the pioneers who automate virtual reality actions. Stay tuned, we're working hard to release this functionality very soon.

Decision module

Teach CaliforniumIQ how to adopt and reproduce technical decisions you take during the testing. Eg., a client sends some REST request to a server, gets a 500 response and at the same time the log reports about a crash in the microservice. You might want to restart the service and try reproducing the problem; if it reoccurs - report it. Let the CaliforniumIQ next time automatically recognize and reproduce your decision. Any of the listed above actions and engines may serve as a part of the decisions you teach your automations to take.

About us

We are passionate about testing.

We love simplifying complex things this is why we've created CaliforniumIQ - to make automated integration testing easy. We love sharing - this is why we've set this project to be Open Source, so you can adjust it with your ideas and share it further. We beleive in teams, this is why we've developed our other project

But most of all, we love brilliant people.

Love to code? Want to work with us? Drop us a line to and become part of the next big thing in software testing!

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